I am an education scholar and associate professor of higher education in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. This is my personal site to share ideas and reach new audiences. Please explore these pages to learn about me, my research, and my teaching. At the bottom of each page are links to connect with me via social media.  I also invite you to explore my blog, Red Bricks and Mortar Boards, which will likely be woefully out of date but nevertheless share random thoughts on higher education. 







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James DeVita, Andy Ryder, and I were recently awarded the Betty L. Harrah Journal Manuscript of the Year Award from ACUHO-I.


I recently shared new research on fundraising strategies and challenges among public regional universities at the Public Policy Forum at the University of Denver.

We just wrapped up another successful admissions cycle for the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. We saw a 70% increase in applicants this year compared to last year!




I've teamed up with Marvin Titus and Adriana Vamosiu again to study the relationship between privatization and cost efficiency at public research universities.

We wrapped up initial data collection on our project on fundraising at public regional universities. Starting data analysis this summer!

I'm excited to start work on an invited chapter focusing on the access and affordability implications of privatization in U.S. higher education!